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Long form copy, articles, and opinion pieces. 

I wrote my own Call for Research Participants for my MA Research Project & Dissertation which was shared on various social media platforms and via email. I had a timeline of two weeks to recruit the minimum number of participants, however in two days I had exceeded my maximum number of participants by more than double. 

I was commissioned as the Video Script Editor for GLIMER, an international research group whose UK home is at the University of Edinburgh. 

A collaboration with Tom Morris, Illustrator & Animator, written by me. How green will you be when you die? 

A breakdown of my translation services with a chance to try before you buy. 

Example headings and subheadings for articles I haven't written yet. Want me to? Get in touch! 

Abstract from my MA Dissertation in Social Research (Gender Studies meets Medical Sociology). You'lI be able to follow along, I promise.  

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